Client : FIFA 
Agency : Fifty Digital 

The FIFA made a countdown to the start of the 2022 world cup, by posting exclusive content on their social media. The social media Agency Fifty Digital was in charge to imagine the « one week to go » content, and they asked me to work as an illustrator and animator on this mixed media film, ​​​​​​​that reached 10M total views for nearly 2M likes.
After some graphical tests, I started designing the whole 12 players intended to feature in the film, in a big line up. One of the main concern was to make them to most recognisable possible. In a second time, I worked on a more technical aspect : the turn arounds. Based on the storyboard, I worked on specific poses and body orientations for each character, allowing to start building character rigs in the mean time. 
The official ball was quite a challenge. I designed a master version, turning around at low speed in a hundred frame timeline, then declined for multiple speed variations.  
The style frames allowed us to finally sees a preview of the final render.
Some out of context test shots and loops, helping to fine tune the rigs and offering a sneak peek on the animation style. Quite unusually, for the whole animation process, I started by animating the ball, in every shots. It helped to set the rythme and set the bodies motion, driven by the urge of having control of the ball.
Final shots

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